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Custom Artwork

This is our newest addition. You can get your pictures and artwork directly printed on your mat. This can be any picture, drawing, intricate artwork, or text you wish to display on your mat. It is printed on the material, and then glued to our thick foam middle and cut to size, just like our Plush mats. You can get a better idea by watching the "What's the Difference" video in the About Our Mats link. This can be done in colors on our Spectrum Silver, white, eggshell, gold, or pink material, as colored ink will not show up on a dark mat. Black ink only can work on all of the previous materials listed, and red and  blue material. White ink is not available in this process, so anything white in your artwork will be the color of the mat. Maximum size for this artwork is approimately 14 inches X 18 inches and can be made any size smaller. You will need to send a JPEG, Vector, or PNG Photoshop image to for this process.

Your art work must be sized and "Camera Ready" to print. If you cannot do this, the Print shop tecnicians can, however they will charge you a fee for this. It starts at $25.00 but can increase along with the degree of time to size and shape your artwork. I can assist you with questions and a quote. 419-297-3037

This Spectrum material makes a great mat for card, coins, cups and all close up magic. Excellent for trade shows, magic dealers, and themed magic routines.

This process is the answer for artwork too intricate for embroidery, and does not require a design digitization process and fee required with embroidery process. Printing cost is $39.00. This in addition to your mat cost.