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Custom Sizes

We have the ability to make your may almost any size. Any straight sided mat is possible within the paramaters of our materials. Shapes that require arcs and curves can sometimes be incorporated with our unique cutting devices developed here at Pattrick's Magic. Because we charge only for the material used to make your mat, you will need to e-mail me the specifications of your custom mat, I can then fairly quote you a price. You pay only for what you need. There is no extra charge for custom cutting,You only pay for the material you need.

Mat Corners - Rounded or Square

Because many custom mats are inlaid into a frame or tabletop, you have the option to keep your mat corners squared. You must include this option in your request. No extra charge, we just want to get it right.

Unusual Table Tops

If you have a table that has it 's own special design, we can do that too. You will need to draw apaper template in the exact size of your tabletop. We then make an exact duplicate of your drawing to cut a metal template , which we then use to cut your mat. There is a one time fee for the metal template material, and the fee I pay to the template artist. ( Sorry I can't do this, I go to the expert).We keep your template here and when you want another there is no template charge.

Circle & Round Mats

We can make a circular mat in any size from 7 inches to 35 inches in diameter. This will also require you to e-mail me for a price quote.

Different Color Mats

Although our Original Material mats come in four colors we can get you a mat in a different color. We will place another layer of your desired color over our original mat material. Just like our Plush mats only with a different material. We cannot always exactly match your color, but usually we can get pretty close. You get the same soft/sturdy feel, and you mat is one of a kind. I personally scour the market for your color and the correct material type needed to meet our requirements.