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Embroidery Examples


Embroidery info & Cost

I do not embroider the mats myself, I take them to my selected professional staff.

Embroidery can be done on any of our materials. This is a many step procedure and has a 10 -14 day turnaround. Embroidery cannot be done on an existing mat. It must be done before the materials bonded to the rubber. We make every mat by hand in our Ohio shop, and that is why we are the ONLY shop that can provide this service.

Embroidery is done in a "hooped" area. The largest "hooped area we can do is 11 inches by 16 inches. Any embroidery within this area is covered in the cost. The embroidery cost is $39.00 per embroidery area, and 99% of embroidered mats fall into this sector. Note: Some custom logo designs require larger amounts of stitches, and will incur a slightly higher fee.

Where to put my Name / Logo

Generally most names go to bottom ( spectators side) of the mat. This is the most direct and presentable area for embroideries. However we can put it anywhere you desire.

I have my own logo

If you have your own Logo, and want that on your mat, here is the process. Any custom logo must be "digitized" into a program the embroidery machine can read. This is a one time fee, and the cost is determined by the programmer. This cost starts at $25.00, and is determined by the complexity of the design. We will give you a free quote before any work is done.You need to send me a jpeg image of your logo and the dimensions ( length X width) of your logo. Once your logo is digitized, it can be only be enlarged or reduced by 20%. You can also order shirts and other items with this logo for your personal use. Inquire for pricing.

Direct to Garment Printing

Did you notice the Silver mats with the picture of Eric Jones & Ellusionist logo? This was done with dye sublimation printing. We can exactly copy your picture or logo complete with color directly to your mat. Best part is there is NO digitization fee. However this is only available on our lighter colored Spectrum material. This is an awesome way to get your art on your mat. All we need is your artwork in a jpeg, Vector, or PNG Photoshop format. Then tell us where on the mat, size of your logo / picture, and location on the mat. sounds like a lot but it isn't. Your artwork MUST be sized and camera ready. Any manipulation be the print shop will incur technician fees. Cost to print is only $39.00 plus cost of your mat.

Font Choices and Sizes

There are literally thousands of font styles, and impossible to list. The choices include any font in their database. We list the most popular and efficient on our site. The size of the font usually is determined by the size of the mat. With our experience we will adjust the height and length of the font to compliment your mat. Should you want it in a specific size, we will do that to meet your criteria.

Thread Color

Choose your thread color. Some colors look better on different mats. If you are undecided I can give you some suggestions that look best on your chosen mat color.


I have a favorite font I like.

If you have a font you like e-mail me your name in that font AND the font name and where it's from (i.e.: Microsoft word ) and they will see if they have your font or something very close in their database. If it's not available, they can also buy your specific font at a nominal charge. This also is a one time fee.

I want a Clip Art Picture or Symbol

Tell me what you want and I will see what they have, stock items are included in the price.